We make your home more energy efficient. Free of charge.

Do you live in Culemborg in a poorly insulated house? Would you like to save energy and still have a pleasant temperature in your home? FIXbrigade Culemborg can help you. All you have to do is sign up. The work that the FIXbrigade carries out is free of charge. And so are the materials they use.

How does it work?

  1. You sign up through the contact form.
  2. Within a few days someone from FIXbrigade Culemborg will call you to make an appointment.
  3. A handyman from FIXbrigade Culemborg comes to your home to see what is possible and necessary. You will also get tips on how to reduce your energy bill by adjusting your behavior. This appointment takes about an hour.
  4. We make a new appointment for the implementation of the measures. This takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on how much work it is.
  5. If you want, there will be a third appointment with an energy coach. You will receive tips on how to be smarter about your energy use at home. The coach will contact you for an appointment.
FIXbrigade Culemborg pipeline isolation

FIXbrigade Culemborg helps you for free.

It will cost you absolutely nothing! The work that FIXbrigade Culemborg does in your home is free. And so are the materials.

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What measures?

FIXbrigade Culemborg performs small measures to save energy in your home.
Every house is different, but these are common measures:

FIXbrigade Culemborg measure draught tape

Sealing cracks around doors and windows

  • Draught tape
  • Draught strips (Inside, or surface mounted)
  • Draught excluder for internal doors
  • Mailbox brushes
  • Sealant
fix brigade culemborg measure cv at 60

Improve radiators

  • Radiator foil
  • Radiator fans
  • Insulation of heating pipes
  • Setting the central heating boiler at 60 degrees
  • Window sill grilles
FIXbrigade Culemborg measure shower head

Energy saving

  • Energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Water-saving shower head
  • Power strips with on/off switch
FIXbrigade Culemborg measure advice


FIXbrigade Culemborg gives advice on how to save energy by adjusting behavior. For example, turning down the heating when you are not at home. Or taking shorter showers. This saves a lot of money!

An energy coach comes to your home to give tips. These tips are given to you on paper, so that you can reread them afterwards.

For whom?

Would you like to save energy at home, but are you not able to carry out the measures yourself? Do you own or rent a house that is poorly insulated? Or do you have trouble paying your energy bill? FIXbrigade Culemborg is here to help you.


Do you have any questions? Mail or call us.
E-mail contact@fixbrigadeculemborg.nl
Telephone 06-82082480

You can reach us between 10am-12pm and between 2pm-5pm. Leave a message or send a Whatsapp message if we don’t answer. You will be called back within a few days.

fix brigade culemborg here warms toolkit comfort

What are the benefits?

  • After work by the FIXbrigade, your home will be more comfortable and warmer.
  • Your energy consumption goes down.
  • You get tips on how to save even more energy and money yourself.

Sign up!

From mid-July, FIXbrigade Culemborg will be closed for two weeks due to holidays. Your application will be processed in early August. After that, someone will contact you soon to schedule an appointment.

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Free meetings on saving energy

Do you live in a rental house? Then come to an information evening on energy saving. You will get tips and hear how FIXbrigade Culemborg can help you. See when it’s your neighbourhood’s turn and sign up here.

• Tuesday 29 October: west of the railway (postcode 4105)

Will you come and help FIXbrigade Culemborg?

There are many houses that need to be made more energy efficient.
FIXbrigade Culemborg can use extra hands! Are you handy and available at least 1 half day every two weeks? As a volunteer handyman with the FIXbrigade Culemborg, you will help residents of Culemborg and contribute to a sustainable city. We are also looking for a head handyman (paid position).